Creative Writing

   It’s a Friday afternoon, my two friends, Harvey, Ronan and I decided to stay at school a while after everyone had already left. My friends thought it would be a good idea to live at school for the weekend, but I wasn’t so sure that was a good idea.

Time passed, it was now 7 p.m and I got used to the whole living in the school situation. Ronan got bored so he suggested that we play bowling.

( You’re probably wondering “What, how didn’t they get caught?”, and, “What about the janitor or the security guard?”, well… the security guard was busy watching youtube and was really focused on it, and the janitor was trapped in the janitorial closet and no one could hear him. ) 


“But how?” I say.

“We can play with the rolling chairs as bowling balls and the garbage bins as bowling pins.” He replied 


   When we were done ‘bowling’, we looked around the hall and saw that the hallway looked kind of boring. So, we got into the art room and grabbed all the paint we can find, and repainted all the doors and lockers of the entire school, except one… a door labeled “science lab”, This was the last door in the whole school that was the original color.

I was really curious to see what was in there because only the grade eights use the science lab, and I am only in grade seven, and I’ve never seen it. So, I walk into it and right away-CRASH I heard from the other room, I run to the noise and I see right in front of me is Harvey covered in this gooey green stuff.

“Euh!” Havey exclaims.

Ronan and I help clean him up, meanwhile, we get it all over ourselves. We went into the washroom and cleaned our hands and arms, but 20 minutes later when we were in the resource room to lie down on the couch, we all started to feel dizzy and nauseous. I felt my body shrinking all over, and soon saw my friends getting smaller and smaller and smaller. 

“WHAT’S HAPPENING?!” screeched Harvey.

“I THINK WE’RE  SHRINKING!” Ronan replied.

“IMPOSSIBLE” I yelled back as I became eye level with a marker.

After everyone was done screaming at each other, we finally calmed down and realized that we had to grow back and get out of here. But we couldn’t do that on an empty stomach. We looked around the room to see if we could find anything to eat and sure enough, we didn’t. Although, we did find a fidget cube that had wheels on it. So, we decided to use it as a source of transportation. We grabbed erasers as oars, and we were off in search of food. As we got to the hallway,  we saw a granola bar on the floor in front of a locker. It said, Eat For Special Surprise!. So we did and we miraculously grew back to our normal size. However, we were still locked in the school. Our journey did end there…



To be continued

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  1. Hi Char,
    I loved your story. I could tell it was a great story and took you a lot of time as soon as I read the first paragraph. I would read that any day.

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