Exhilarating Reading Adventure Project

Who wouldn’t like to read about a story with a 150-year-old curse?

In this book, Stanley Yelnats IV gets sent to Camp Green Lake for a crime he didn’t commit, he makes many friends there and soon becomes “Caveman”, everyone at Camp green lake has a nickname.


Wondering how Stanley got here, well it’s all because of his no-good-dirty-rotten-pig stealing- great great grandfather. Many years ago Elya Yelnats wanted to marry Myra Menke, he went to a fortune teller to ask if he will marry Myra, her response was “you will carry pig up the mountain every day until it gets fully grown, once finished you shall give pig to Myra’s father and you will marry her when you do you shall carry me up the mountain if you forget you and your family will be cursed  for all of eternity.” He did all that but Myra took too long to choose that he just left and went to America to see Mrs. Zeronis’s son (fortune teller) and on the boat, he forgot to carry Mrs. Zeroni up the mountain, and that’s how it all started.


The artifact that I chose was a children’s book based on Holes, by Louis Sachar.

I choose this artifact because it can be appealing to younger children in this format. 

By choosing the children’s book, it can reach a younger audience. 


If I were to do this assignment again I would choose to change my artifact and I would make a game. I would make a game because it has more creativity and it looks like fun.

This is the children’s book that I made.


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