Forces Experiment

Purpose :

To design and build  a structure at least 2 stories high. I will simulate natural phenomena to see if my structure can withhold it.

The natural phenomena I will simulate is…. Hail storm using golf balls

Hypothesis (What do we think will happen?):

I think that my structure would stand up because I used hot glue to secure the structure.

Materials (What do we need to conduct the experiment?)

  •  clay
  •  hot glue
  •  popsicle sticks
  •  lego
  • plastic bag
Procedure (The steps we took to conduct the experiment from beginning to end)

  1.  I build the base first out of popsicle sticks
  2.  Then I build the walls with popsicles sticks and lego
  3. Then I did the floor with clay – then removed it because I could hot glue the walls (Don’t hot glue clay – it melts!)
  4.  I took off the clay and added the cardboard as a floor
  5.  Then I reinforced the walls with cardboard
  6. Finally I covered it in plastic.
Observations (What did we observe along the way? Record thoughts, sketches etc. here)


I learnt that you can hail out of gold balls! 

Don’t make a house out of lego! 

To build a strong house, I needed to hot glue the lego to reinforce it. My hot glued popsicle wall remained standing. 

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