The uninvited guest

The uninvited guest

~knock knock knock~


“What is that?!”, Jeff exclaimed with a panicked voice. A man passed his window. “Oh right, just the mailman”.


“Okay” his mom said from the laundry room.


Jeff’s house was a magnificent old building with large, bright windows. His mom loved light. Jeff was freaked out everytime some passed. It was too open for him! He has just picked up the mail when something made him stop…


His heart was pounding. He was pretty sure he saw the doorknob move…. 


He ran up to his room and jumped out the window, luckily there was a bush under his room that broke his fall. He stood up and saw no one there. He scanned the street, “Why am I so scared?” he thought to himself. He slowly approached the door but was too scared to enter.He ran to the back of his house and found a few wood planks around his and his sisters’ tree house. He climbed into the treehouse and jumped into the house. He was breathing heavily now, his heart pounding. 


He went back down stairs to go see what it is…he slowly opened the door, his heart in his ears now and…




He forgot his friend John was coming to his house today and he had forgotten he had given him the key to his house.

“What are you doin… Oh no, I forgot! We were supposed to go watch the game!” Jeff suddenly remembers they have tickets to the Sens game.

“Well… whatcha waiting for, go put your boots on!” exclaimed John.

Jeffs goes to put his blue and green boots on, and they both go rushing into John’s car, hopefully catching the game.

As their tyres go ZOOoooooooM! Out the driveway.

“To the game!!” they both shout excitedly.


She looked out the attic window as the car flew down the road.

“Phew” she said quietly to the empty room “Jeff almost caught me…”



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