Social Studies quiz

Last week I had my first Social Studies quiz on the map of Cannada, One thing I know really well right now is that Edmonton and Alberta go together. Next, I would like to focus on learning where the oceans are. One thing that helped me study a lot was playing basketball while I pined the places of the provinces and territories in my head. I also practiced with  for a long time but here is my test.

3 thoughts on “Social Studies quiz

  1. Hi Char,

    I liked reading how you studied for the test while playing basketball. Have you tried playing basketball while you studied for other tests? My kids learned their alphabet by jumping on chalk letters on our driveway when they were little. I bet some of your classmates might like studying while playing basketball too.

    Keep up the great work!
    Mrs. Bennett

  2. I realize that I am a month behind, but I am just starting to catch up with my reading of student blogfolios! I agree with Mrs. Bennett that it can be a common way for some students to study by mixing in a physical activity; it seems to help some kids get the information to stick. I may need to borrow some of your resources when it is time for me to study for my citizenship test, because I definitely don’t know the map of Canada as well as I need to!

    Keep blogging!

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