My dog

Good morning Mrs. Bennett and classmates. Today I’m going to talk about my dog Hershel. I really love him and I have so many stories to tell about him. My dog is a mix between a golden retriever and a poodle; he’s a Goldendoodle. He has short hair and is really heavy; I can’t lift him. He weighs 65 pounds, he is 5 pounds more than me.

Sometimes when we don’t have dog food my dad makes him rice and eggs. He really likes the rice and eggs, however, he is a picky eater. One time I dropped a piece of a peach on the floor thinking he’d eat it but later that day my mom found it and moved it to him. He sniffed it and moved away. He’s also very sleepy when I want to play with him.9. He’s always on the couch trying to sleep.

One time he actually ate Sophie’s homework and she couldn’t tell her teacher my dog ate my homework. Hersh likes to chew on things like socks, stuffies, and lego. He likes lego so much he could find it hiding anywhere like on a couch or under pillows. We put in a gate by the front door because he can zip past you in a flash. Lots of times he ran out of the house and my dad found him on Knoxdale road and almost drove over him because he’s so dopey.

Also sometimes when I’m sad my dog comes to cuddle me because he knows that I’m sad. He likes to cuddle anyone in our family who needs him.  When we came back from Florida, Hersh wouldn’t leave my parent’s side because he really missed us and was probably afraid we would disappear again. Another example of our crazy dog incidents is when Herschel got a hold of some raw meat from the garbage. He ran upstairs with it leaving a trail of meat blood AND THEN, he started choking on it. My dad then ran up and stuck his hand down Hershel’s throat and pulled the meat out. I have a million other stories but I’d be here all day telling them. I hope you enjoyed hearing about MY best friend        



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  1. Hey Char!

    Your dog sounds so fun and loving. I am so glad you wrote this post because it brought a smile to my face. I am curious if your dog knows my dog, since they live on the same street. I don’t think they get walked at the same time of day. Do you ever see Dalai with Hershel?

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